The Venus Factor Diet Plan: A Superfoods Every Woman Should Eat

As women, we love food; whether we’re vegetarians, vegans or just regular voracious carnivores, we love food! That being said, it’s this love that often leads to our downfall in the weight aspect of things. However, rest assured that there are foods that are inherently good for you and that every woman should eat, or at least attempt to include in their diet a little more. venusfactor--233x300

The first “superfood” that we as women should include in our diet, is actually a spice: Curry. This native Indian condiment has been praised for years for it’s amazing healing capabilities, in fact curry has been known to destroy cancer cells of pancreatic breast and ovarian cancers. Curry has even been known to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. Quite a remarkable feat when you look at it

The ideal meal to get the best out curry would be to sprinkle it over some cauliflower or cabbage, and eat that as a side or main dish.

The Venus Factor has a specialized diet plan along with its intensive workout regime, to help you as a woman gain all the benefits of the specialized workout plan they’ve provided. The recipes are healthy, easy to make and their ingredients are easily found at your local grocery store. Your body will thank you for the added improvements.